Always Learning

Every day we have a series of opportunities to learn more. This can be down to learning a trade, skill, craft, discipline. It can also be about learning/discovering more about yourself. I love to learn. Love it. I say this because I forgot that about myself for a brief moment. I forgot how much I am a lover of learning. I have always been able to say this about myself but for a brief moment I forgot that this is truly a huge part of me. Recognizing this, reclaiming this brings the focus back to where it is needed. Love, Learning and self are at the center of a new journey.

Last night, I bought new shoes.



There is Magic in all Trees.

There is magic in all trees.

I am sitting, working, listening, dreaming, deciding, hoping, confirming, selecting, wondering, and playing. All of this while losing myself in the dance of the branches around me in the wind. I am transported with every gust and shimmy.