sometimes it is important to see a situation from another point of view.

and sometimes it is more important to be confident in your own perspective.

this is something I am juggling lately. I want to be respectful of the idea that someone else has another opinion or valid perception of a situation. However, I think too often in my life I have tried to give everyone else their due and overlooked myself.

So now I say enough about your perspective I am having some “me time”…


Finding the Dragon


I think some circumstances in my life have caused me to break down and retreat. Wait, let me go back. I KNOW some circumstances in my life have caused me to break down and retreat. When I pause today and look back, I can see a slow crumble in my passion, my self esteem, my courage, my peace of mind, my trust.

There is strength hidden inside me. I can feel it now. There is a new glow emerging from the darkness. I am empowered to find the fierce love that flows within me and release it. I can be silent, still and content and still be fierce, strong and passionate. I am all things. I am finding the Dragon. I am listening, learning and loving this release.

We will never have it all figured out.

I am watching my daughter play in the other room with my husband. I just finished a long round of tea party, puzzles and yoga with her. We traded off so I could get some work done. However, my attention floats back to her constantly and I am so grateful for it.

Something my daughter is teaching me is that we will never have it all figured out…and that is ok.