Mary is always a winner

Last night we watched Mary Poppins. It is a family favourite. My daughter who is now 6 first watched it when she was 2.5 and fell in love. She knew all the songs and could hear the instrumental and know exactly where it was in the film. She had only seen it a couple of times but it was imprinted on her heart. Last night we watched it with our little guy for the first time. I was concerned he would be bored or lose interest. I was so pleasantly surprised. He was amazed by the carpet bag, truly transported into the world of magic and wonderment. Before bed we had to play a game with the “Ban Booms and Chimmey Weets” He loves to pretend he is the chimney sweep on the rooftop when Admiral Boom sends off the fireworks. Even now, a day later as we get ready for nap time he is chattering about Mary and the Chimmey Weets. Such love swells in my heart.


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