Meaningless thank you

Why oh why do people post on fb that they want to thank people that will NEVER read their profile?  Have you noticed this happening? It seems foolish to me.  Why not seize the moment and say thank you directly to people OR send a card directly to them.  If they don’t know you, why would they be trolling your social network pages in order to read a thank you for some random act or even worse a thank you for their JOB. I think it is ridiculous to shroud one’s attempts to encourage the world to ask about one’s life or get invested in your personal drama into a pathetic attempt at a thank you. WHy not just say shit like:

“I would like to thank everyone who crossed the street today with the light instead of jumping out into traffic making me slam on my breaks.”

“I would like to thank the kid at the grocery store for sending my items down a conveyor belt. Thanks.”

“Thank you to all those people out there I don’t know and will never read this for doing whatever it is you do, saying whatever it is you say because apparently it is so valuable to me I can’t say thank you to your face and move on with my life.”

I guess it is because too many people I am friends with need to thank someone they don’t know in order to indirectly tell me something important in their lives. Isn’t this baiting your friends?  Also, I am a bit miffed that good friends tell shit to fb before me.

I would like to say thank you to everyone who has directly thanked me instead of expecting me to find a moment of gratitude and appreciation online…and hopefully I have already acknowledged you in person.

original post 19feb2013


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