Through the thicket I go…

I would love to write that I am dauntless in my adventure with reflection and commitment to writing. However I have learned that being more familiar and honest with my fears and doubts

Flowers delivered 14Nov2011

Flowers delivered 14Nov2011

at least makes them smaller – more manageable.

My little girl is crawling around the cottage, playing with the cats and enjoying a delightful snack of animal crackers. She is my renewed spirit in myself. I have deepened my determination to become the woman I so wish to be, the woman I am. I am capable of being amazing and proud of my accomplishments and I know that my biggest obstacle is myself.

Through the thicket I go to see a new side of myself.

My little one is singing a song and exploring everything the world has to offer. As I am committed to keeping options open for her, making wonderful possibilities come her way – I need to provide these things for myself. I am loyal to my heart more than I have ever been. The workout plans, the diet dreams and the artistic endeavors are all within my reach if I stretch out for them.

Here I will unveil the process. Does this lead to the secret garden – what am I planting, harvesting, nurturing in this garden?

original post 8feb2013


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