Pulling into Nazareth

A twist and turn of weather and emotion today.

How do you rejoice in someone’s accomplishments when you know they must leave, move on, get help –

a young man today wished to shock me with his plans of possible destruction.  I assured him I would not freak out but I would peacefully go forth to get him the help he needs.  Does he want this help – perhaps not.  Is he serious? Who wants to take that chance…

What is happening in the world, in our nation.  We are consumed with death, violence and pain.  We as a society as consumed by all of this with a thirst for either destruction or frustration.  It is overwhelming that so many children will intimately know violence throughout their childhood.Guns have steadily made their presence so prominently into their daily lives.  So many young adults are desensitized to the dangers and peril of hate, weapons and death. What is the cause and can we alter this trajectory? I shall drag myself into a more spiritual frame of mind and I say drag because I have lost a bit of the path.  This weekend’s quest is listen more to the universe and nature and God.  Also begin a fresh dialogue with my spiritual self. Heal heal heal.

original post  9 Feb2013


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