A Great Holiday Craft

Hand print wreath

Hand print wreath

I was just thinking about this amazing holiday craft that I found in a magazine and made some of my own. I made wreaths for the grandmothers of my daughter and one for ourselves. I used the handprint when she was one year old and it makes the most sweet holiday decoration. I even told one of my good friends to bring me a tracing of her son’d hand and I made one for her. It is really easy so I thought I would share.
Supplies Needed:
cut out tracing of a hand
different colors of green felt
foam wreath ring of your choice in size
a wreath bow
glue gun

-take hand tracing and cut out several green felt versions – amount depends on size of hand and size of ring. (I use about seventeen handprints)
-Place the felt handprints around the wreath in a pattern or grouping of your liking.
-Glue the handprints down to the ring.
-Take the bow and tie around the wreath concealing the twist tie – I make an additional loop on the back with the tie for hanging.


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