A Great Holiday Craft

Hand print wreath

Hand print wreath

I was just thinking about this amazing holiday craft that I found in a magazine and made some of my own. I made wreaths for the grandmothers of my daughter and one for ourselves. I used the handprint when she was one year old and it makes the most sweet holiday decoration. I even told one of my good friends to bring me a tracing of her son’d hand and I made one for her. It is really easy so I thought I would share.
Supplies Needed:
cut out tracing of a hand
different colors of green felt
foam wreath ring of your choice in size
a wreath bow
glue gun

-take hand tracing and cut out several green felt versions – amount depends on size of hand and size of ring. (I use about seventeen handprints)
-Place the felt handprints around the wreath in a pattern or grouping of your liking.
-Glue the handprints down to the ring.
-Take the bow and tie around the wreath concealing the twist tie – I make an additional loop on the back with the tie for hanging.

not fade away

footprints on my soul

footprints on my soul

What do you take with you? Everyday is another journey and some moments, feelings, people and things move with you and some get left along the side of the road.

I am at a crucial moment in my life. I am being forced to take the final swing of the axe on an eleven year friendship. The other person in this relationship has been one of the closest people in my life for years. In the past few months, I have kept my distance because I didn’t feel emotionally, spiritually nor mentally safe.

I have battled a situation at work with an abusive co-worker, difficult expectations and stressful assessments. I no longer want to be ruled or exhausted by them – I choose to see challenges as an opportunity to shine and learn. I know I can communicate and prosper among those that are full of stress and negative energy. I can surf through it.

I look back at this picture and I am quickly reminded of what really matters in life and how temporary it all is. I choose to focus on the good things in life, the love. I choose to enjoy moment to moment surrounded with those that encourage me to let go of negative baggage. I move forward into this new year with the hope and understanding that I can control my own perspective and actions. I am responsible for how much thought and energy goes into each relationship and the feelings generated from them. I choose happiness and love.

I look at this picture and I feel the prints in my heart and soul that have been made with love and joy. I  look at this picture and let the tide wash the rest away. I have learned from the mistakes and pain and now I let go.


It is Thanksgiving. I am grateful and appreciative of so very much. I begin my day by Thanking the Universe that I am here and healthy and happy to enjoy all it offers today. I am thankful for the love and support of my husband and the joy and love of my daughter. Their presence in my life is continual motivation to celebrate myself and this life.

I am thankful for friends. I have some beautiful people in my life that are wonderful friends. Recently I have been thinking a lot about friendship and what makes a real friend. Because of this introspective I have looked at some relationships in my life that are gloriously healthy and some that are terribly toxic. I am remembering that as an adult I can reshape my commitments to myself and others every day. I am not bound to anyone or anything that is not a welcomed source of joy and love.

There are ups and downs of every relationship – yet to allow others or yourself to pound you down and down and down – is disfunctional and unwanted. I am embracing this and under renovations in my life.