And then there were 5


I am at work doing my best to be present and focused on what is at hand. This is no small feat given that I am getting continuous updates from home as to the comings and goings of The Foxes. It is so amazing and I am grateful for the diversion. I got a lovely note letting me know there are five babies. We now have confirmed visual on five babies. I was giddy with excitement.

And then there was a short wave of panic. Five? Wait, how many babies do foxes have? So I looked it up and found out that Red Foxes tend to have 1-10 kits at a time…then I screamed. Ten?! Oh my goodness, can we handle ten little foxes soon to be big foxes running all around our hill? I breathed and gave over to the Universe knowing it’s all going be alright. The Foxes are here and bringing joy. That’s where I will stay.

Matt and I are constantly chuckling now and empathizing for that Mama Fox. Every time we see those wee ones pop out and my wee ones go running up the steps to see them, the foxes zip back into their holes. We giggle but apologize to that Mama who has probably been out hunting all night for them and would simply like five minutes to nap or do whatever and she can’t get it. We know. We know all too well.



Waiting for test results.  Not a good feeling.  I have been told that I have tumors and cysts that are not cancerous but are growing and could be causing other difficulties in being the healthiest me I can be.  No bueno. 
8 weeks ago we were presented with the option of wait and watch.  I find it mind blowing that wait and watch is legit medical advice. The treatment for my cysts involves birth control. However we haven’t decided if we are “done” having a family. Not that the pill would completely end this but at my age not sure we want to make things more difficult or take any longer.
I have had my next round of scans and I am waiting to hear from the doctor’s office.  I called them to day to remind them that the scans were a week ago – they said they will get back to me.  WHAT? I realise I am not dying but something is growing in my body that makes me feel sick and could be preventing me from having another child.  They’ll get back to me. 
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