Summer Solstice

It’s day 2 of my “no Red Meat Week”. I don’t eat a lot of red meat. SO I decided that this was a great way to begin an experiment of a cleaner, leaner me.

I began my morning with Bikram Yoga at 8:30 am. 105 degrees and loved every moment. OK, maybe loved every moment is a inflation of the truth. There were some definite moments of struggle, despair and pain. Yet, in the end, it felt good. I got on the scale this morning as well. Facing the facts and moving forward.

Breakfast was quinoa and spinach salad with lots of water to drink. I feel good. Really good. We have spent most of this lovely afternoon outside in the garden. My daughter kept saying it is a beautiful day and she is right.

Tonight we are going out and I am determined to eat healthy and have a good time. I am blessed with a wonderful family and I am allowing myself to just enjoy life a lot more than I have done. It has a been a tough few months and I am realising that I have been very tough on myself.

Clean eating can lead to clean thinking. This is what I am going on for now.

No Red for 7

So this week I am going without red meat. Seven days of no red meat. The hope is I will then try seven more and maybe cut back or eliminate something else as well.

It is astounding the health benefits that can be gained from eating a cleaner diet. I am overwhelmed by the toxic way of life I have been living in so many ways. This is my summer of a new self, a fresh start.

No red meat 20June-27. I don’t think it will be difficult except that I have come to realize that so much of the crap I eat is out of convenience. We are what I would have called fairly healthy. But in this attempt to be better to myself and be more honest – no we can do better. My husband will NOT give up meat and I do not expect him to do so. I do hope that we can try to shop more responsibly in the future.